The black dressed and masked rider is on of the most famous heros and novel character.

Originally founded as a novel character by Johnston McCulley in the year 1919 Zorro quickly became the epitome of justice and heroism. Beside the mask and black dress it is especially the Zorro-“Z”, what made Zorro famous and unique.

Zorro cleverly combines attributes such as shelter, charme, cleverness and sympathy.


Zorro is cult and has a large fan base among kids & grown-ups.


Target group:

  • kids
  • unisex
  • 6-14 years (core)
  • older fans 18-60 years (extended)


Zorro TV-Series


For the first time young Zorro fans will be able to follow his adventures in the brand new TV-Series ZORRO: The Chronicles. Animated in CGI and produced by the Cyber Group Studios, fans can look forward to stories packed with action, comedy, suspense and emotions.

  • Genre: Animation, CGI, Action, Comedy
  • Target group: 6-12
  • Format: 26 x 22' in production, another season planned