Beast Quest

Beast Quest is a series of children’s fantasy novels by the author Adam Blade, first released in 2007, with regular new publications and currently over 16 million sold books.  Besides the exciting adventures numerous illustrations fascinate the young readers. 


Protagonist of the story is the boy Tom who is sent by Aduro the sorcerer to remove the curse that was cast on the beasts by Malvel the evil wizard. Armed with sword and shield Tom has to accomplish dangerous missions to save the kingdom. Thereby he gets supported by the brave Elenna, her wolf Silver and the black stallion Storm.


Beast Quest deals with the themes fantasy, adventure and friendship.


Core target group:

  • Boys & Girls 6-9 years


The successful and top-rated Game App for smartphone and tablet notes more than 8,3 million downloads.


New PS4 and XBOX Game releases on 27th March 2018, see the Trailer below: